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I downloaded Blender over a decade ago (before Youtube), tinkered with it, and let it rot because I couldn’t figure it out. To be fair I gave it no real investment of my time or energy but I was really happy it was so powerful and I was excited to get to know it when the time was right.  A few years ago I read about Blender and how much it had matured.  The impression I got was that although it works a bit unconventionally it had a fantastic user interface which some people swear by.  A few months ago I downloaded it again when it was time for me to start making games and I read a book about it but it wasn’t until tonight I finally legitimately dug into it and figured out some of the things I can do with it.


In this article I’ll lay out what I know about the Blender 3D modeling tool and will keep track of the best resources that I find for the swiss-army-knife of 3D tools, the mighty Blender.

What I learned today

I learned a bunch of keyboard and mouse shortcuts:

Select, Deselect, Create, Extrude, Select Objects, Vertices, Edges, Faces.
I learned to turn on “Screencast Keys”

I learned to create cool pipes using bezier curves and related Bevel Objects.

I also learned how to navigate Blender from my MacBook Pro Trackpad.


Here I’ll list some specifics that I didn’t mention in the videos above:

Select a segment of faces easily.

select a face, then alt select a nearby edge to select the segment in that direction.

Blender - Select all faces in segment
Blender – Select all faces in segment

You can see it in action in this tutorial

Other Blender Tutorials and Videos

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