Unity5 Scorched Earth Game Tutorial in 2.5d

Unity5 Scorched Earth Game Tutorial in 2.5d

In this tutorial I will walk you through the mechanics of making a scorched tank game.  When I say tank game I’m talking about the classic games: Scorched Earth (PC), Scorched Tanks (Amiga), or Gorilla (DOS), or Worms (all platforms?) or one of many other games of this nature where you launch projectiles at targets.

We will be making it in 2.5d (why? because I like 2.5d!) but the mechanics will apply similarly to a similar game made in 3d and 2d.

I don’t plan on putting much “spit and polish” on this because this tutorial is about showing you the mechanics of the game not how to make a publishable game from start to finish, however many of my other videos and tutorials will fill in all of the gaps you need to pull that off so browse around on my site for more.

Part 1: Turret Rotation

In this Unity5 tutorial I walk you through the mechanics making the first part of a tank game where you will be shooting projectiles and hitting targets. This Unity5 tutorial speaks to the creation of the cannon and the turret and the rotation of the turret as well.  The turret needs to rotate independently of the cannon body and needs to rotate around an anchor point at the end of the cylinder not in the center and this video shows how to do all of that and more.

Part 2: Launching Projectiles

In this video we create a projectile and launch it out of a spawn point with a given direction.


Part 3: Constraining Bullet Positions

In this video we constrain the bullet position so they don’t move out of the 2d plane.  I considered doing it with a script but decided that setting up physics objects to bump into and constraining the rigid body position vector was preferable (it behaves more like you would expect it to in this situation).

Part 4: Explosions

In this video I show a few different physics explosions and how to target them only to certain collisions so you don’t go blowing EVERYTHING up! 😉

Part 5: Making it a fun game

The first thing we do in this video is one of the funnest things in the whole tutorial: make every ball go flying at once!  After that I show you how to make it into a complete (albeit very basic) game with just a few added game objects and scripts and it ends up pretty darned fun if I do say so myself!

Thank you so much for working through this tutorial and watching my videos and coming to my website!  I’d love to interact with you so will you add some comments to the video or here at the blog?  Ask questions, ask for clarifications, make suggestions or whatever!  Enjoy your new Unity5 powers and thanks again for coming!