Unity5 Quick Set Object Placer Grid Snap Tool

Unity5 Quick Set Object Placer Grid Snap Tool

Quick Set Object Placer in the Unity5 Asset Store

Have you ever noticed that Unity5 doesn’t have any snap to grid functionality?  Its conspicuously missing even though its in most other tools like this (Unreal, Blender, Maya, Etc.).  Never fear because Unity Technologies have provided a way to add substantial new capabilities to the editor through something called editor extensions.

Grid Snap Extensions in the Asset Store

There are a number of extensions in the asset store which allow you to snap your objects to a grid, but I have only tried this one called Quick Set Object Placer (free version) and it is actually awesome.  There is also an inexpensive paid version which I haven’t tried.  The following videos show you how to leverage it and help you get around some of its quirks.

Installation and Setup

It is really easy to use.


Advanced Usage and Prefabs

There is a quirk with using prefabs but it works really well if you just do this one extra step that I show you in the video.


Organization and Prefab Offsets Matter

In this video I talk about how to have it automatically organize your painted objects for you and also I talk about why offsets in your prefab can make a big difference (for better or worse).

An apparent problem (and a solution)

It seems to be snapping objects at the wrong place, and it seems to be incapable of putting them at the *right* place.  Primarily it ended up being a viewing window perspective/iso issue and when I fixed that the problem went away.

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