Using git with Unity3D

How to use git with Unity3D

The official documentation is here but I can’t recommend that because I found this answer on StackExchange which very nicely sums up what to do, but I haven’t tried it yet because I got distracted by this cool site:

I was looking for a good .gitignore file for Unity3D projects and I found that a semi-official one is maintained here but I also noticed that there is a cool website that has .gitignores for tons of different types of things:

for Unity its:

In 2017 I used exclusively the command line git client but recently I’ve been using Git Kraken as a client and it has been working for me very well.  I think the biggest advantage I can think of right now is having the tree of branches visible at all times.

Fork then do a Pull Request

Here are the best instructions for when you are working with someone else git repository:

Try it by pulling some cool scripts and projects from GitHub

    • This takes some finagling to get working

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