Unity5 Development Diary

Unity5 Development Diary Thursday Dec 21 I've been investigating lots of level design tools and I found one that seems to work really well.  its got subtractive features as well as additive and is pretty mature.  I made a few videos about how to use it although they aren't edited yet and aren't uploaded.  Its called SabreCSG.  These [...]

Unity5 iOS Development Resources

First I'm going to run through this tutorial about "Building your Unity game to an iOS device for testing" Meta Tutorial As I work my way through this tutorial I'll post my findings here. This tutorial shows how to test a game on iOS for free.  It talks about how if you want to publish to the App [...]

Unity 5 Animation Control Meta-Tutorial

Unity 5 Animation Control Meta-Tutorial In this Meta-Tutorial* I will be walking through the Unity 5 Animation Control tutorial by Aaron Hibberd.  The tutorial was made in August 2015 using Unity3D 5.1.2f1 (from 2015) but I will be using Unity3D 5 2017.1. * Meta-Tutorial - a walkthrough of a tutorial which shows the ins and outs and ups [...]

How to find a Programming Job

TLDR See Below for more info about these top 5: Angellist HackerNews - Who Is Hiring We Work Remotely Google Jobs Aggregation Widget Indeed   LinkedIn   "LinkedIn is really worth a lot. Keep it updated, because at a certain point in your life they will just start throwing job offers at you. It's really amazing." LinkedIn Inmail [...]

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