Unity5 – Learn With Me

Simple Test Environment (aka STE) Many of the tutorials or examples I make will refer to the STE (aka Simple Test Environment) which is a scene with which you can do a lot of different stuff and it only takes 5 minutes to setup. http://youtu.be/vkeDwmwV__0?hd=1 Learn about Layers http://youtu.be/BT5QHXJe2W0?hd=1 http://youtu.be/OT_yOUDZf44?hd=1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpE5h1_gheY Simple way to add 'billboard' text into [...]

Unity3D – Implementation Roadmap

Unity3D - Implementation Roadmap (aka What Do I Need to Make a Game?) Whether you are just getting started using Unity3D or a veteran Unity developer who started in the mid-noughties (get it?) there will inevitably be something you want to create which requires skills and techniques that you don't yet have.  Thats just what tutorials are for! [...]

Unity5 Quick Set Object Placer Grid Snap Tool

Unity5 Quick Set Object Placer Grid Snap Tool Quick Set Object Placer in the Unity5 Asset Store Have you ever noticed that Unity5 doesn't have any snap to grid functionality?  Its conspicuously missing even though its in most other tools like this (Unreal, Blender, Maya, Etc.).  Never fear because Unity Technologies have provided a way to add substantial [...]

Unity5 iOS Development Resources

First I'm going to run through this tutorial about "Building your Unity game to an iOS device for testing" Meta Tutorial As I work my way through this tutorial I'll post my findings here. This tutorial shows how to test a game on iOS for free.  It talks about how if you want to publish to the App [...]

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