Leveraging the Kenny.nl packs in Unity3D

Leveraging the Kenny.nl packs in Unity3D Kenny.nl   Importing a Kenny.nl pack   A quick way to build buildings http://youtu.be/wyYNrw36DVU?hd=1 An even quicker way to build buildings http://youtu.be/t1doX2ep_XE?hd=1 Oops!  Accidental Building Geysers In the process of making procedural buildings I accidentally created this: http://youtu.be/a76kPl1FLP4?hd=1 And this http://youtu.be/6G7agOfJHI0?hd=1 And here is how I did it http://youtu.be/mwOsawx_d5c?hd=1

Unreal Engine 4 – How to do things

Unreal Engine 4 - How to do things This page will document or index how to do things in Unreal Engine 4. Many of the things this page will talk about will be links to videos or tutorials on other sites.  Some of those links will need commentary by me and others are self-explanatory.  Sometimes I will make [...]

Unity 5 Animation Control Meta-Tutorial

Unity 5 Animation Control Meta-Tutorial In this Meta-Tutorial* I will be walking through the Unity 5 Animation Control tutorial by Aaron Hibberd.  The tutorial was made in August 2015 using Unity3D 5.1.2f1 (from 2015) but I will be using Unity3D 5 2017.1. * Meta-Tutorial - a walkthrough of a tutorial which shows the ins and outs and ups [...]

Using git with Unity3D

How to use git with Unity3D The official documentation is here but I can't recommend that because I found this answer on StackExchange which very nicely sums up what to do, but I haven't tried it yet because I got distracted by this cool site: gitignore.io. I was looking for a good .gitignore file for Unity3D projects and I [...]

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