Best Resources for Game Development

Best Resources for Game Development When you begin to build a game in Unity3D or any other engine, Framework, or SDK you are likely going to need resources to use (unless you want to build everything yourself which is admirable but can take a long time) so here is a running list of the best resources I have [...]

Asset Modernization Guide – Procedural Examples

Asset Guide - Procedural Examples This is a simple guide to an asset in the Unity3D Asset Store called "Procedural Examples".  It states that it requires Unity 3.5.6 or higher which was written about five years ago so this asset is old and has experienced substantial rot and when you import it it doesn't run.  This guide will [...]

Unity3D – Implementation Roadmap

Unity3D - Implementation Roadmap (aka What Do I Need to Make a Game?) Whether you are just getting started using Unity3D or a veteran Unity developer who started in the mid-noughties (get it?) there will inevitably be something you want to create which requires skills and techniques that you don't yet have.  Thats just what tutorials are for! [...]

Unity3D Great Code Snippets

Unity3D Great Code Snippets Why can't you type these in for us? I could totally type these in for you but I choose not to because I don't want to and because there is inherent brain/learning value in typing them in yourself and I believe you will get more value out of this page if you type them [...]

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